10 Signs Of Failed Job Interview, Applicants Must Know!

Interview is one of the stages of job recruitment that is usually the final determinant of whether you are accepted into the company or not. Indeed, the recruiter will tell you if you passed or failed. However, there are actually signs of a failed interview that you can recognize.

This can be seen from various situations when conducting interviews. The following article will discuss 10 signs of a failed job interview that you can recognize as an applicant so as not to spend too long waiting for news from the recruiter. Check it out!

Signs Of A Failed Job Interview

10 Signs Of Failed Job Interviews, Applicants Must Know
10 Signs Of Failed Job Interviews, Applicants Must Know

1. Recruiters Are Not Interested

A sign of a failed interview when applying for the first job is that the recruiter shows no interest in you.

Usually this can be seen from those who do not pay increased attention to the interlocutor. They will also not ask further questions about the applicant so that the conversation feels boring.

Especially if during the interview the recruiter shows a bored expression by repeatedly looking at the watch or even yawning, this could be a sign that you need to consider looking for work options elsewhere.

2. Short Interview Duration

Furthermore, the sign that you failed in the interview can also be known when the recruiter cuts the interview duration. If it is written in the schedule that the interview will last 30 minutes but the recruiter cuts the time, then this can be a bad sign.

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It shows that they are less interested in you. In fact, cutting the duration can also indicate that you are less than ideal to fill the position that is currently needed by the company.

3. No Chemistry in the interview

Some people say a job interview is like a first date. Applicants and recruiters must have good chemistry or a feeling of mutual connection when they first meet.

If you are in a position as an applicant, you can find out how the recruiter’s body language when interviewing with you. If they often show uncomfortable body language, then this could indicate that you may not get away with it.

4. The recruiter does not explain the tasks when working

One of the functions of the interview is that applicants can find out the tasks or jobdesk that will be done in the proposed position. Well, this will usually be explained by the recruiter. They will also ask about your willingness to carry out the task.

If the recruiter does not explain the tasks you will do, this may be one sign of a failed job interview.

5. Recruiters worry about applicants

Furthermore, you can also see the sign of a failed interview when a recruiter expresses concerns to you during the interview. This concern could be related to your response when answering their questions.

However, this can also indicate that the recruiter is still giving the applicant a chance. If you are in this position, you should never waste the opportunity to give the best answer and show that you are suitable to fill the required position.

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6. Recruiters ask irrelevant questions

Usually in the interview process, HRD will ask all things about the applicant in detail in order to know the ins and outs and capabilities of the applicant.

But if in the interview the recruiter actually asks things that are not relevant to your abilities, then you should be wary because you may not be suitable to fill the position they are looking for.

7. Recruiters Do Not Discuss The Next Stage

Every recruitment process has different stages to go through. Therefore, if you become one of the successful candidates in the interview process, the recruiter will discuss the next selection process with you.

Questions related to the next stage usually ask about your willingness to take the test again after the interview. In addition, recruiters who are interested in applicants will ask a lot about the skills and abilities of the applicant.

8. Interview Feels Stiff

Signs of a failed interview can also be seen when your interview feels stiff and more like an interrogation. In fact, a recruiter has basically been trained to conduct interviews for years.

If that happens, they’re probably not interested in you. A successful interview will feel like a friendly two-person conversation, not like a police interrogation of a criminal.

9. Recruiters do not ask for skills and work experience

Skills and work experience are important points that must be known by recruiters. They will then ask you about it during the interview.

However, if the recruiter does not ask at all about your work experience or skills, it could be that your interview fails because the recruiter is not interested in you.

Usually, this happens because the answers you give at the beginning of the interview are not appropriate or satisfactory.

10. Applicants Do Not Ask Questions

Finally, a sign of a failed interview that you need to know is when you don’t ask questions at all related to the task or company.

In fact, the interview is not only your opportunity to present yourself, but also show enthusiasm and interest in the job being applied for.

Some recruiters assume that if an applicant does not ask any questions at all during an interview, it indicates that the applicant has no interest or even does not care about the company.

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