11 Bank Marketing Tasks, Salary Range, and Application Requirements in 2024

In addition to employees in the front office, such as customer service or teller, there are many other positions at the bank that you can apply for, one of which is Bank marketing. Here PublishMyWorks explains about bank marketing tasks, salary range, to how to apply for this position.

What Is Marketing Bank?

Bank Marketing is one of the important positions in the bank. Someone who works in this section has responsibilities related to marketing. The main task is to make bank products known to their target market.

You could say, bank marketing officers are similar to sales because they have to find customers. How to marketing bank looking for customers can be through various channels, such as contacting old customers to be introduced to new products or contact new customers from the database owned by the bank.

Usually, they will get work targets and then have to do weekly to monthly reports so that superiors or supervisors know their work progress.

Bank Marketing Tasks

Bank Marketing Tasks
Bank Marketing Tasks

The task of the bank’s marketing officer is not only to find customers. There are many other tasks that you must understand if you are interested in occupying this position. Well, here we summarize what are the tasks of bank marketing as a whole.

  1. Create an attractive promotion strategy

The first task of bank marketing is to create an attractive promotional strategy. This strategy will determine whether prospective customers will be interested in trying to buy the product or not.

That way, the marketing officer must of course be creative so that the marketing strategy is not monotonous and can adjust to the Times.

  1. Setting the selling price of the appropriate product

A product is made according to the needs of the company’s target market. That way, there are many aspects that must be considered, ranging from the purpose, usefulness, how to use, to the price of the product.

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Well, here the bank’s marketing officer must also pay attention to prices that can be seen from various sides, such as the ability of the target market’s purchasing power to the price of similar products from competitors.

  1. Good communication and interpersonal skills

If there is already a product, of course, the next task is to introduce the product to the public.

With a pre-made strategy, they must ensure that bank products have been properly introduced and all target markets can know the existence of these products.

That way, the possibility of the product being purchased will be higher because there is already awareness of the product.

  1. Looking for information about customer complaints

The bank’s next marketing task is to find customer complaint information about the product. That way, the company knows what it lacks.

However, not only that, as long as they find out the complaint, they can also find out the complaints of the community at large related to the product in general. From here, they can know what people really want.

  1. Perform Evaluation

Well, when the bank’s marketing officer knows what the complaints are, they will evaluate the product. That way, there are quality improvements that can make the product better than competitors so that customers will be more satisfied when using it.

  1. Good communication and interpersonal skill

During the customer search process, the bank’s marketing officer must of course interact well with them until they officially buy the product and become a customer of the bank.

Not stopping here, they also have to monitor customers regularly so that customers can know any updates about products and their relationship can get closer.

That way, they can easily promote other products to customers.

  1. Manage Product Sales

Managing product sales is not the same as managing product sales strategies. What is meant by regulating product sales is that bank marketing understands that product A is suitable for any type of customer. So, sales will be maximized.

  1. Become a liaison between the company and the surrounding environment

Marketing is like a connector. The point is that they become a link between the company and the wider community. That means, to know what products are owned by banks, the wider community must go through marketing first. Can you imagine the importance of this profession?

  1. Provide The Best Service

Just like the officers in the front office, marketing at the bank must also provide the best service so that customers feel cared for and their problems are answered. It can be said that bank marketing is another face of a bank.

  1. Planning New Products

In collaboration with other teams, the bank’s marketing officer must also provide ideas for creating new products. This planning is of course based on market and competitor research.

  1. Planning the appropriate distribution

For a bank with a wide sales scale, of course, it needs a distributor or other means of distribution so that the product is sold to the maximum and everyone knows about the existence of the product. The task of the bank’s marketing officer is to think about how to distribute the appropriate product.

Salary Bank Marketing

A marketing bank will get a salary of around 250-1000$ per month. The salary is still in the form of basic salary, not including benefits, insurance, to bonuses.

Well, because they have a target to find customers, of course bonuses will be received based on the performance of each employee.

If you meet the target and even exceed it, you will get a high bonus. No wonder if a marketing bank can receive a salary of up to two digits even though the basic salary is low.

The Importance Of Being A Bank Marketing

As the terms of work in banks in general, do not be surprised if there are conditions must have an attractive appearance. This is of course because bank officers have to deal with customers directly.

However, what is interesting is not about being beautiful or handsome, but whether the figure has a neat appearance, smells good, and is polite.

The other requirements to become a marketing bank are as follows.

  • Bacheclor degree education all majors with a minimum GPA of 2.7
  • Able to operate computer, especially Ms. Office
  • Have the ability to think creatively, analytical thinking, and problem solving is good
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Have good time management and emotions
  • Quick to learn and can adapt quickly in new environments

That’s a row of bank marketing tasks to the requirements that you must meet when you want to apply for this position. Find out the requirements for applying for other positions by reading our article passed in the section about work.

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