7 Ways to Create a Digital Signature Quick and Easily

Nowadays, with the sophistication of existing technology, various things can be done online. Including signing documents. However, of course you have to understand how to create a digital signature first.

Using a digital signature when signing a document is considered easier, more practical, and saves time. Moreover, the many trends of employees who work in WFA will certainly be facilitated by the existence of this digital signature.

Well, then how to make a digital signature? Let’s see tips from PublishMyWorks here!

How To Create A Digital Signature

How To Create A Digital Signature
How To Create A Digital Signature

How to create an online digital signature is very easy, you can use several websites and applications that provide this feature, including the following.

1. Create My Signature

Create my Signature is a web page that you can easily access both on a laptop, computer, and mobile phone to create a digital signature. Here are the ways you can follow.

  • Type “createmysignature.com” in the search tab of your browser.
  • After entering the website, select the “Draw signature” section on the left.
  • Sign in the blank sheet provided, make sure that the signature has no errors.
  • Save the signature by clicking “Save “and then” Download ” to download it.
  • Your signature file is stored in PNG format and can be used whenever you want.

2. Microsoft Word

Did you know, it turns out that Microsoft Word can also be used to digitally sign files, you know! That way, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to do so. How to create a digital signature in Word is as follows.

  • Previously, you must have a signature file first in the form of an image, it can be JPG or PNG format.
  • Open the file .doc or .the docx you are about to sign.
  • Click “Insert ” and then select your signature photo.
  • Make sure the photo is active then select the “Color” menu and select black and white.
  • Right-click on the photo and select behind text under wrap text.
  • After that you can set the signature according to your wishes.

3. Adobe PDF Reader

One of the digital signature applications is Adobe PDF Reader. Of course you are no stranger to this one application. Apparently, in addition to accessing PDF files, Adobe PDF Reader can also be used for digital signatures. Here’s how:

  • Open the file in PDF format that you are going to sign.
  • To the right of the file, there will be a toolbar with a series of menus, select “Fill & Sign”.
  • Select “Sign” and then click “Signature”.
  • Create your signature from the following three options:
  • Click “Image ” to insert a signature photo and attach it to the file.
  • Click “Type ” to type your name and then convert it to a specific signature.
  • Click “Draw ” to create a direct digital signature instantly.
  • If you are sure of the signature made, adjust the position, tilt, to the size of the signature.
  • Place the signature in the appropriate part of the file.
  • Save the signed file again by typing the command combination “CTRL+S”.

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4. Mekari Sign

Mekari Sign is one of the certified digital signature providers that is brokered to Kominfo. With PSrE, your digital signature has legal force and high security, because it goes through the electronic know-Your-customer (eKYC) process so that it can be used for important documents.

Here’s how to create a PSrE digital signature in Mekari Sign:

  • Visit https://mekarisign.com/, then click free trial to create an account.
  • Click Upload Document and select the document.
  • Set the parties to sign, and then click Next.
  • Set the signature of each party, such as the location of the signature, name, date, and so on. If so, click Next.
  • Finally, click Send Document to send the document to each party’s email address.

5. Signwell

You can easily access the Signwell Website. You can register by filling in various personal data or simply log in with your active Google account. For more details, here’s how to create a digital signature through Signwell.

  • Log in to www.signwell.com.
  • Register by “Login” or “Sign Up” With Your Google account.
  • Click “Signature”.
  • After that you can make the appropriate signature.
  • Save it by clicking “Save As”.
  • Download Your digital Signature by clicking “Download”.

6. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a multifunctional web site that can be used for various purposes, such as combining files, changing file formats from documents to PDFs or vice versa, to perform digital signatures. In addition to being free, SmallPDF is also easy to follow due to its practical instructions.

Well, here’s how to create a digital signature in SmallPDF that you can join:

  • Go to address “smallpdf.com then select “Sign” at the top.
  • On the left you can click to insert the PDF file you want to sign.
  • If the file is enough you sign, Click “your signature ” on the left.
  • However, if you have to sign with someone else, you can invite your friends by clicking “invite Signer” and then you fill in the person’s first name, last name, and email address.
  • Create a signature on the sheet provided by directly drawing, typing a name, or inserting a PNG file.
  • Click “Create signature ” and then your signature has been inserted in the SmallPDF web system.
  • Point the file at the part you need to sign and then click your inserted signature on the right.
  • Set the size and if it is as you wish, click”Create signature”.
  • Click “Save ” to save and download the file you signed.
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7. Add to Google Docs

The next way to create an online digital signature is to use the add On menu in Google Docs. Yup, you can use the menu to add third-party tools. Follow the following guidelines.

  • Click “Extensions ” in the top menu bar.
  • Click “Add Ons” and then select “Get Add Ons”.
  • Find the add-On You Need by typing “digital signing” and select it according to your preferences.
  • After that you can download the add-on and then it will be installed in the add-On section for you to use at any time when you need a signature in a file in the form of Google Docs.
  • That’s a number of ways to create an easy and practical digital signature. So, from now on you don’t need to be confused anymore when it comes to signing files digitally. The ease of this digital signature will help you easily sign a work agreement contract or other files.

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