What Is Business Analyst, Tasks, Skills & Career Projection

Business analyst is a position that will carry out an analysis of the company’s performance related to technology. However, many non-technology companies also have the profession of business analyst in their organizational structure.

You can learn about the definition, duties, and salary of a business analyst in this article. Not only that, you who want to become a business analyst can also learn the skills that a business analyst must have here. Yay, to the end!

What Is Business Analyst?

What Is Business Analyst?

Improving the quality of products produced by the company must always be done in order to satisfy customers. Many parties are involved in the process of improving the quality of this product, one of which is a business analyst.

A Business analyst is someone who conducts business analysis of a company from various aspects. The main thing to analyze is the company’s milestones.

From here, the business analyst will obtain data such as the background of the company, the reason for the procurement of a product, the appropriate target market, to the advantages and disadvantages of strategies that have been carried out in the process of production, distribution, and marketing of products.

Business analyst can be said to be the main key for the company to upgrade the situation, especially when the company is going to make a strategy transition to scale up. The Business analyst will manage everything needed to reach a higher state than before.

Business Analyst Tasks

In general, the task of the business analyst is to make a thorough observation about the procurement of products, be it new products or improving the quality of old products. However, this task will be complex because after all, the resulting product will definitely have rivals.

So, the business analyst must be able to provide answers to what to do so that the product has a unique selling point to distinguish it from competitors.

Well, here are the complete business analyst tasks that you can analyze and learn.

  • Understand customer behavior according to the Times.
  • Make observations related to the company’s target market and adjust to existing data in the market.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to make adjustments and modifications to the strategy if needed.
  • Understand the policies and strategies that have been implemented by the company to be further analyzed whether they are still relevant if they are to be applied again.
  • Perform re-recording on the system that will be used as a reference for product development or procurement.
  • Work closely with other divisions, especially project managers and product managers, so that they will create better quality services and products in the future.
  • Make a plan of needs related to procurement or product development, ranging from team needs, new technology needs, to budget.
  • Perform fraud analysis on the problem that occurs so that it can be found solving the problem properly.
  • Put all important data in the database in an orderly manner so that it can be tracked properly.

Skills that a Business Analyst must possess

Business analyst is a person who must master technology well. No need to be skilled programmers, but must be updated on the development of renewable technologies to be applied in the development or procurement of products in the company.

Some of the skills that a business analyst must have are as follows.

  • Analytical thinking.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Problem solving.
  • Able to observe in depth.
  • Good managerial skills.
  • Collaborative.
  • Innovative.
  • Creative.
  • Good time management.
  • Do mind mapping well.
  • Basic programming skills.

Business Analyst Qualification

After knowing some of the skills that a business analyst must have above, you can start practicing to master them. In addition, usually some companies will also provide requirements during the recruitment process as qualifications that must be met by jobseekers.

The minimum education required to become a business analyst is a bachelor’s degree. Majors are usually taken there are several kinds, ranging from Economics, Accounting, Management, to Industrial Engineering.

A professional business analyst will have a certificate from the International Institute of Business Analysis, namely Certified Business Analysis Professional. This certificate will prove that you have passed the professional business analysis Association so that you can perform your duties and responsibilities well during your work.

Business Analyst career and salary projections

Business analyst career projections are broad. Because, various companies will need a business analyst to be able to develop their business regularly.

If you master the field of business analyst work, usually you can also occupy some of the positions below:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst

The salary of a business analyst is quite high. Even for a junior business analyst will get a salary of about 300-750$ per month. While for a business analyst who is already a professional with good experience, the salary earned is around 700-1500$. This number is even higher when you work in a multinational company.

Those are the things about what a business analyst is that you can study carefully. Master the skills needed so that you can adapt to the company’s work system quickly.

Although the abilities that must be mastered are complex, even the responsibilities also include the realm of management, accounting, to technology, but business analyst is a profession that is easy to master as long as you can understand its main task, namely the development of higher quality products.

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There are many business analyst vacancies that are being opened. This is your chance to get that role in a bona fide company that will provide many benefits for you, from meeting financial needs to a deeper mastery of the role of business analyst.

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