Content Marketing: Definition, Benefits, Examples, Career Projection

Content marketing is one type of digital marketing. This strategy is widely applied by companies to support their digital marketing. Do you know what content marketing is?

If you are interested in starting a career as a content marketer, let’s check out the article below to the end! In this discussion, we will tell you about the benefits of content marketing to an example.

Understanding Content Marketing

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to bring visitors on online channels. In order to bring visitors, content is a weapon that content marketers can use.

By definition, content is everything that can be used to attract the interest of the target market online, ranging from writing, Images, Design, Animation, to video.

Thus, the main task of content marketers is to conceptualize, analyze, and execute marketing ideas to be expressed in the form of content.

The hope is that the content can attract the interest of potential consumers and ultimately help the company achieve goals (eg profit, improved branding, and the like).

Benefits of Content Marketing for companies

Benefits of Content Marketing for companies
Benefits of Content Marketing for companies

Content marketing in a company is very important. If the content meets the 3 main requirements, namely important, relevant, and consistent, the content will attract visitors so that the company’s branding gets good recognition and even increases sales.

Here are some of the roles of content marketing for companies in marketing products or services.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

The main purpose of content marketing is to increase the company’s brand awareness. This is because when the audience finds content that is relevant to them, they will start to be curious about the brand.

When the audience is curious and starts to find out about the brand and then finds relevant content presented consistently, they will automatically start following the brand. Thus, it could be that they will begin to spread the information that the relevant content is also relevant to their environment.

  1. Increase Customer Trust

The next benefit is increased confidence. By consistently spreading content according to user needs, users will put their full trust.

In fact, the consistent appearance of content also proves that the brand does exist and is a guarantee that the product or service offered is useful.

  1. Increase traffic or audience visits

Content marketers will do a variety of research before creating and distributing content. This research can be in the form of the type of user, the benefits of the product or service offered by the brand, to relevant content.

That way, the content produced is in accordance with the target user. When content is presented periodically, visitors will continue to come to follow social media or generate clicks on web pages.

  1. Improving SEO quality

SEO will only be in the form of search engine rules without being able to attract visitors if the content produced is not quality. Unlike if an article that is distributed on a website has quality according to user needs, SEO will have more maximum results.

  1. Performing Audience Conversions

A content marketer can make audience conversions. For example, a company is developing a website. The Status of the newly built web page, of course, still has no visitors.

Content marketers can create strategies to increase website visitors. For example, how to create content on social media that will be integrated for the purposes of increasing website visitors.

Content Marketer Tasks

Content Marketer Tasks
Content Marketer Tasks

Content marketing responsibilities and duties
After knowing what are the benefits and goals of content marketing, are you more interested in trying this career field? If so, below are the content marketer tasks that you will do later:

  • Conduct user research and user needs on content that is their preference.
  • Designing content that suits users based on research results.
  • Work closely with content creators to create content that fits the target market and company values.
  • Develop promotional strategies to increase the engagement of distributed content.
  • Create a content creation plan based on research results so that content can be relevant and consistent tailored to the content distribution destination platform.
  • Work closely with designers and content creators to create engaging and convenient content types for audiences.
  • Analyze the results of content distribution on various platforms to determine which content has good and less engagement.

Examples of commonly applied Content Marketing

Usually, the more creative a content marketer is, the content he creates will also be more viral and out of the box. But before you get to that stage, you should first understand what types of content you will work on when you become a content marketer. Here are some common examples of content marketing:

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing can be distributed on Youtube to social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The type of video must of course be tailored to the target market and the type of online media so that the engagement can be maximized.

  1. Writing A Book

Writing a book is a content marketing strategy that takes time and energy. This is because the writing of the book of course can not be written carelessly and briefly.

However, with the appropriate strategy and theme of the book, you can make high profits. Books can also be distributed to offline and online bookstores so that the target market is wider.

  1. Landing Page / Website

The next example of content marketing is a landing page or website. Usually when you want to create a site, you will be asked to arrange how the interface will be displayed. The components of a site’s interface or landing page typically include copywriting, design assets, and the like.

  1. Website/Blog Articles

Examples of content marketing strategies
Articles can be written more freely than website/landing page copywriting because it is not too limited in the number of sentences. However, you actually have to create articles with good quality.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are usually distributed to Pinterest, LinkedIn, to Instagram. You can apply this one example of content marketing if you want to give a lot of information at once to the audience in a short time.

In order not to be boring, don’t forget to make infographics with interesting designs, huh! In addition, use concise and dense language so that the audience can understand the content more easily.

  1. Podcast

If the video can be enjoyed by watching it, this is usually not very strategic to address an audience that only needs sound. Because radio is not very popular, podcasts are the solution.

  1. Working with influencers/KOL

Working with influencers will make content distribution wider so that the engagement obtained is much higher. However, a content marketer must do in-depth research so that they can work with influencers who are aligned with their values.

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