Cook Helper: Tasks, Requirements, Career Path

Did you know that cook helper is a career opening to become a chef? This is because the duty and responsibility of the auxiliary Cook is to assist the main cook.

Well, for those of you who want to become a chef, you can start by learning how to become a cook helper. This article will help you understand what cook helper is, the tasks, to the career path that can be done. So, let’s check this out!

What Is A Cooking Assistant?

While the assistant Cook is the assistant Cook. Cook helper is one that will help the cooks in the kitchen for their various activities.

The Cook’s Assistant or also called the assistant Cook must understand how the chef’s cooking work, what equipment must be prepared, what food ingredients must be prepared. More or less, the assistant Cook is obliged to understand everything that is done in the kitchen.

Although the assistant cook on various things that are in the kitchen is very good, but he should not put something hidden directly. This is because the ability has not been in accordance with the chef to make food dishes, if excessive in the hotel or restaurant is complete.

Even if the cooks ask for help to prepare food, the assistant cook usually only has to prepare food so that it does not burn, add spices, and add food ingredients provided when the chef is busy doing other activities that cannot be done.

However, it is not impossible for an assistant Cook to become a professional chef. They can find cooking classes or if making work dishes at the hotel or restaurant is good, they can learn to make dishes from the chefs while choosing free time.

Cook Helper Tasks

Cook Helper Tasks
Cook Helper Tasks

The task of cooking helper is very complex. Therefore, they must understand the ins and outs of the kitchen, ranging from the stock of groceries, cookware, to making about the menu that will be served by the chef.

Here are some cooking helper tasks that you can learn in more detail.

  1. Preparing Cooking Utensils

Cook helper is a must-have tool for all cooking equipment names and functions. This is because they are asked to help the cooks to prepare the required cooking equipment.

The assistant Cook must understand which flat frying pan to make pancakes, which frying pan, until all kinds of dishes are needed to cook the dish.

  1. Preparing Cooking Ingredients

The following cook helper tasks are to provide additional seasoning food ingredients that will be used by chefs to make ready-to-eat dishes. This includes washing the ingredients, rinsing, cleaning the amount of discarded ingredients, rinsing the meat, rinsing the ingredients, to making seasoning spices.

  1. Make Sure That The Fuel Is Available

In addition to preparing the cooking ingredients, the assistant Cook is responsible for preparing the stock of finished ingredients. They also have a list of incoming ingredients that are still fresh, which ones to always look for, to those that are still in large or small stock.

Not only that, they must understand how to apply the materials needed to maintain their safety.

  1. Cleaning Up The Problem Of Getting

A kitchen has complete cooking utensils. If it has been done and dirty, it must be admitted that it can be done again in a clean state. But, in achieving the goal it is impossible to return.

Where the cookware should be used with soap or only used with water, the assistant Cook should master the theory.

  1. Help The Chef Make Food

As already described earlier, the assistant Cook will also be asked to help prepare, but not completely for one dish.

This is because chefs too have to cook several hidden foods at a time so that it becomes an aid to prepare food so that it does not burn. This is an assistant Cook who can add skills so that he can become a chef.

Friendly Cook helpers become

The thing to note If you want to be a maid cook is that you have to be detailed, diligent, and dexterous. So, you have to be careful with the orders that keep coming in.

More clearly, here’s a guide to becoming a maid cook that you should know if you want to work in this position.

  • Having experience working as a maid cook would be better.
  • Understand the various relationships of the kitchen and its functions.
  • Have an understanding to maintain food ingredients to food safety processes.
  • Have good communication skill.
  • Have good time management.
  • Responsibility and discipline.

Cook Helper Career Path

What Is A Cooking Assistant?
What Is A Cooking Assistant?

Do not interpret the assistant Cook as a helper who can only work in a restaurant, yes. As a chef, cook helper also has a lot of extensive work.

Assistant cooks can work in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, to a foundation. Unlike a place that makes Cooks Cooks, it will definitely make assistants too.

In addition, the Cook’s helper is a position that has many good jobs. It has been said at the beginning that cook helper is the initial level for someone who wants to become a chef.

Well, if you have the ability to make, you can make a kitchen well, to have creativity in making food menus, you can also make your own place to eat, you know.

For a career path that can be achieved, you can understand the following process.

  • Cooking Assistant
  • Commis
  • By Chef or Chef de Partie
  • Sous Chef
  • Head Chef or Executive Chef

About the salary of a maid cook, it will usually vary, depending on where you work. Different classes of hotels and restaurants of course will be different nominal salary.

That’s the information about cook helper that we’ve summarized to help you understand this profession. Because the assistant Cook is in charge of helping the chef while working in the kitchen, you certainly have to understand about all the functions of cooking tools, how to make effective cooking tools, to all the names of cooking ingredients.

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