KOL Specialist: Definition, Tasks, Skills, & Expected Salary

KOL specialist is a position that many companies are currently looking for. This is because most businesses are starting to turn to digital media to reach their targets. However, becoming a KOL specialist is not easy. Skills and knowledge are required in order to be able to run a creative campaign.

So, what does the Kol specialist Do? What is cabbage really? Learn in full about the duties of KOL specialist to the amount of his salary in the following article.

What is KOL Specialist?

Have you ever been moved to buy a product or use a service because you see your idol using it? Or when you hesitate to buy a product, then you become convinced after seeing an influencer’s review? If so, you are one of the 74% of consumers who are moved to buy something because of the role of KOL.

Simply put, a KOL or key opinion leader is an influencer or “spreader”. The key of a KOL is smart to do reviews with persuasive sentences so that many people want to try the reviewed product.

Well, usually someone who becomes a KOL is a prominent person, be it a singer, artist, to a big celebrity through social media, or what is commonly called a TikTok celebrity, selebgram, selebtwit, and others.

To invite KOL to cooperate with a brand is not easy, especially if the KOL already has a community base, ranging from followers to large fans. This is why we need a KOL specialist.

KOL specialist is someone who will carry out various activities with KOL to succeed in a campaign or promotion of a product, brand, or even an event.

Kol specialist is very important, especially if the company is often working with KOL to support the success of launching products to increase sales.

Job Description Kol Specialist

Job Description KOL Specialist
Job Description KOL Specialist

Kol specialist is not only in charge of contacting KOL. Check out the following Kol specialist job description to understand it further.

  1. KOL research

There are different types of cabbage, ranging from nano, micro, macro, and others. The types are differentiated based on how large a community and following they have on social media and how influential they are.

Any cabbage, of course, is not immediately suitable for use in the promotion system of a product. Must be tailored to the region, campaign objectives, type of product, to the target market.

Well, this is the task of a cabbage specialist who must be considered well, namely conducting research on Cabbage. Find out whether the cabbage is indeed appropriate or not to be invited to cooperate.

Kol specialist must also know how KOL’s attitude on social media because companies also need a good image so they are not harmed.

  1. Identification of KOL and its compatibility with the Company

KOL must have a match with the vision and mission of the company. For example, a company that prioritizes sustainability, of course, cannot cooperate with cabbage that does not care about nature.

Similarly, companies engaged in beauty must recruit KOL who are accustomed to using and have an image that matches the beauty product.

  1. Manage and build KOL Network

KOL specialist’s next task is to manage communication and build good relationships between companies, media, KOL, and third-party agencies. In addition, it also builds a KOL network for various product categories on social media.

  1. Good Communication And Interpersonal Skills

KOL specialist is one of the positions in Digital Marketing. So, understanding the marketing strategy well must be done to make the company’s marketing successful during Col cooperation.

  1. Conduct Negotiations

Kol specialist is also in charge of negotiating costs to achieve a win win solution.

  1. Monitor KOL performance

During Cooperation, KOL specialist must continue to monitor KOL. This is done not only so that the company gets the desired results, but also as a form of concern for the company to KOL so that the cooperation process is not only based on agreement alone. The communication process should be two-way and fun.

  1. Monitor Campaign Performance

KOL specialist must also monitor the performance of the campaign, whether it has been running well or not. That way, when you later have to do a report project, you can immediately understand what needs to be improved and what are the advantages of the campaign that has been implemented.

Skills that must be owned KOL Specialist

The abilities that must be possessed if you want to become a KOL specialist are as follows.

  • Time management
  • Emotion management
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Logical thinking
  • Communication
  • Reliable negotiators
  • Understanding of social media
  • Understanding of digital marketing

Career opportunities and salary KOL Specialist

KOL specialist career opportunities are very wide, given that the need for this profession is also increasing. Some industries that require the presence of KOL specialists include fintech, Education, beauty, fashion, food, and so on.

For salaries, KOL specialists who are non-experienced to 1 year experienced, the range that can be obtained is 350$-500$ per month. The amount can be higher or lower, depending on the company you work for.

How to become a KOL Specialist

You want to become a KOL specialist but don’t have experience yet? Or do not understand about the qualifications of KOL Specialist? Take it easy, you can learn.

In simple terms, how to become a KOL specialist does not require special qualifications as well as being an accountant who must attend school in accounting to economics majors.

If you are a fresh graduate, you can do an internship in the digital marketing division with a KOL specialization or work with influencers. The company chosen can be diverse, it can be an advertising agency, event organizer, to a company that produces skincare or make up brands.

For sure, you can learn first about specialist cabbage sundries. Learn some terms about KOL or brand cooperation, such as pitching, rate cards, content traffic, and more.

Those are the things about what a KOL specialist is that you can learn. KOL specialist is a profession today that is sought after so that career opportunities are quite a lot.

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