SEO Specialist: Definition, Jobdesc, Skills, Job Prospects

SEO specialist is a profession that lately is increasingly trending and much needed by companies. The main task is to help the website to get a better ranking in the search results page.

In today’s digital era, SEO is an important factor in increasing the competitiveness of a business. Through website optimization techniques carried out by SEO specialists, websites can be found more easily by potential customers who are looking for relevant products or services.

For online businesses, the presence of SEO specialists is certainly very important to help develop website visibility and increase sales. Want to know more about the duties and roles of an SEO specialist? Let’s see the explanation in the following PublishMyWorks article!

What is SEO Specialist?

SEO specialist is a professional in the field of digital marketing who has knowledge and expertise in optimizing website pages to get good rankings in search engines or search engines such as Google.

They will be responsible for organizing strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase website traffic and achieve the best ranking in search engines in an organic way. The organic way here means without using ads, but purely based on user searches.

This profession is required to have a broad understanding of SEO, copywriting, as well as website layout design. This is because that ability is very important in supporting them to do their daily desk jobs.

SEO Specialist Job Description

SEO Specialist Job Description
SEO Specialist Job Description

In general, the job of an SEO specialist is to bring traffic to a website in an organic way and ensure the website ranks highest according to the targeted keywords.

But to achieve that, there are several other tasks that need to be done, namely:

  1. Analyzing Websites

This task is a way to identify what factors affect a website’s ranking in search engines.

Some of the things that will be analyzed are website structure, performance, speed, and user experience. From this identification, an SEO specialist will develop a strategy.

  1. Developing an SEO strategy

After doing the analysis, the SEO specialist’s next task is to create an SEO strategy. This strategy starts from optimizing website speed, making the website look SEO friendly, choosing keywords to target, building link building, and more.

  1. Content Optimization

The profession of SEO specialist also has the task of optimizing content by using relevant keywords and based on the results of intentions from searches in search engines.

They must ensure that the content on the website is relevant to the search results as well as quality.

Some of the things that are done are such as choosing titles, adding meta descriptions, using keywords in content, and internal link structure.

  1. Optimizing Website Structure

Not only optimizing content, SEO specialists also need to optimize website structure. The goal is to make sure the website can be navigated easily, either by users or search engine robots.

This process includes creating a sitemap, setting up an seo friendly URL structure, using heading tags, and organizing content.

  1. Backlink Strategy

Developing a backlink strategy aims to build website authority in the eyes of search engines. SEO specialist will look for opportunities to get links from other websites that are still relevant to the website they have.

Usually the techniques used are guest posting, working with bloggers, and searching business directories.

  1. Perform analysis and reporting

The next task is to track and analyze the SEO campaign strategy that has been carried out. Usually to do this task will be helped using analytical tools to monitor traffic, keyword ranking, and conversion rates.

From the results of this monitoring is then poured in the form of a comprehensive report on the development and achievement of targets.

Skills needed to become an SEO Specialist

To be able to run all SEO tasks optimally, of course, an SEO expert needs to be supported by qualified skills. Here are some of the required capabilities.

  1. Analytical Ability

SEO experts must have analytical skills, because this ability is what you will use everyday in your work. You have to do keyword research, websites, competitor research, to emerging trends.

  1. Ms. Office

In everyday SEO specialist also can not be separated from the use of analytics tools. These Tools will help you in doing SEO optimization.

Then it is very important for you to be able to use SEO analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google Search Console, and the like.

  1. Ability To Write

SEO experts must also have the ability to write SEO friendly articles. Written content must be easy to understand, have targeted keywords, present information that suits user needs, and use on-page SEO techniques.

  1. Communication Skills

Another ability that is also important is oral and written communication. This ability is useful for interacting with fellow SEO teams, developers, clients, or bloggers who will be working together.

An SEO specialist should be able to explain concepts and techniques clearly and effectively to people who may not have an understanding of SEO.

Qualifications to be SEO Specialist

SEO specialist qualifications vary greatly, depending on the needs of each company. However, in general, if you want to make a career as an SEO specialist, you are expected to meet the following qualifications.

  1. Education

Generally, companies will look for an SEO specialist who has an educational background in the field of digital Marketing, Communications, Computer Science, or the like.

This formal education can provide a broader understanding of the basics of marketing and the necessary technical knowledge.

  1. Work Experience

Companies will especially like candidates who have work experience in the field of SEO or digital marketing. Whether you work in a digital marketing agency, e-commerce company, or others.

This work experience is considered valuable because it means you already have a practical understanding of search engine optimization.

  1. SEO knowledge

Next, companies will also prefer candidates who have qualified knowledge of SEO principles, ranging from on-page optimization, off-page, keyword analysis, data analysis, to search engine algorithms.

  1. Technical Skill

In the SEO specialist vacancy information, there will usually be some technical skills that must be mastered, such as understanding HTML, CSS, and website structure. This technical ability will support SEO experts in managing the technical aspects of SEO.

Career path SEO Specialist

SEO specialists have a promising career path. Here’s the explanation.

  1. Junior SEO Specialist

This is the initial career path when you are just getting into the world of SEO. As a junior, you will be responsible for testing, analyzing, and optimizing your website to be found on search engines.

In performing the task, you will collaborate closely with the web development team to ensure that all components of the website are in line with the strategy implemented.

  1. SEO Executive

After several years of experience and practice, you will become an SEO Executive. In this position, you will focus more on SEO analysis both on-page and off-page from competitor websites.

You will need a lot of analytics tools, such as SEMush, Ahref, and the like. In addition to analyzing competitors, you will also help the content team to create SEO-friendly, quality, and informative articles.

  1. Sr. SEO Specialist

In this position you will focus on planning, developing, and implementing SEO strategies on websites. You will also implement ROI strategies, identify KPIs, and optimize websites.

  1. SEO Manager

When you have arrived at the SEO manager career ladder, you have the responsibility of planning to manage the overall SEO strategy. This includes website analysis, content strategy, link building, keyword analytics, to web marketing.

  1. Head of Digital

This is the highest SEO career position. As head of digital, you will be responsible for ensuring the practices and processes of the digital marketing team as a whole can achieve the best results. This includes management, monitoring, approval, and digital infrastructure.

You will also receive reports from SEO specialists and other digital marketing teams, then decide on the next step.

Internships can be an opportunity to hone your SEO skills directly. During the internship, you will also get a direct mentor from a senior SEO specialist, this could be your opportunity to explore as much knowledge as possible.

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That’s complete information about SEO specialist tasks, job prospects, and salary. SEO specialist job information is now not difficult to obtain.

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