Surveyor: Definition, Jobdesc, and Skills that must be owned

Surveyor is a profession that will work a lot in the field. For those of you who don’t like working behind an office cubicle, this profession could be suitable for you.

Understand what a surveyor is, the tasks to be done, the skills to be mastered, to the amount of his salary in this article. KitaLulus has summarized complete information for you to use as a benchmark if you want to choose this profession as your career goal.

So, let’s see the explanation well.

What Is A Surveyor?

What Is A Surveyor
What Is A Surveyor

In simple terms, you can understand a surveyor as someone who will spend working time visiting an area for the purpose of checking.

This is because surveyors are in charge of researching something, ranging from checking, supervising, to observing. The research is tailored to the type of Surveyor profession.

The surveyor profession is not only needed in one field of work. In the past, surveyors were synonymous with working on a development project. However, now surveyors are not only involved in the engineering world, you know. The types of surveyors will be described below.

Surveyor Duties By Type

There are four types of surveyors you can choose from. The four types are building surveyors, road and bridge surveyors, land surveyors, and financial institution surveyors. Here’s a detailed explanation.

  1. Building Surveyor

Building Surveyor is a type of surveyor that is widely known by the public. They are tasked to conduct research and provide design recommendations to the type of building construction to the client.

For more details, here are the duties of a building surveyor:

  • Perform the determination of the boundary point of the project area that has been set at the beginning
  • Perform a reading of the design drawings made by the relevant team
  • Menguasai komputer (Ms. office)
  • Establish the point of construction so that it can be adjusted to the piles to be placed
  • Rechecking each process before development
  • Determining the elevation of the depth of excavation of the foundation to the height of the ceiling so that the construction in accordance with the initial assessment

Road and bridge surveyors will conduct physical and visual reviews of roads and bridges. The data is then used to assess whether the facility is in accordance with its infrastructure so that it is safe to use.

  1. Road and Bridge Surveyor

The surveyor’s job is:

  • Checking the condition of roads and bridges that allegedly have problems
  • Monitor the condition of roads and bridges to record what needs to be improved
  • Record data such as land use, socio-economic of local communities, to the road network as a facility for transportation support for further discussion
  1. Land Surveyor

As the name implies, a land surveyor is a type of surveyor who will check the land that will be used to build a building.

Data such as soil type, area, and soil position will be forwarded to the client and team for sustainability discussions for development security.

The surveyor’s job is:

  • Read the image by looking at the shape and size of the building to be applied in the field
  • Supervise field surveys conducted by contractors to ensure measurements are carried out with the correct procedures
  • Carefully measure the position, shape and area of the land
  • Make a report on the results of observations of the size of the land to civil engineering workers and construction work
  • Make a work schedule so that the estimated time of completion is known
  1. Financial Institution Surveyor

Surveyors are people who make visits to research something. Well, it can be either people or inanimate objects. Surveyors can interview the people involved to approve the loan. This task is performed by surveyors of financial institutions.

For financial institution surveyors, more complete tasks are:

  • Conduct research on people who will apply for credit
  • Make observations not only to the person, but also to the environment in which he lives
  • Conduct interviews to people who will apply for credit
  • Make a report as a result of the finalization of the determination of whether the person is eligible in applying for credit or not

The Importance Of Being A Surveyor

The Importance Of Being A Surveyor
The Importance Of Being A Surveyor

For information, the salary of surveyors is in the range of Rp3, 000, 000 to Rp10, 000, 000. This difference in nominal salary is determined by the location of work and how skilled you are as a surveyor. Usually, the higher the flight hours, the salary obtained is also higher.

Well, for those of you who want to become a surveyor, the following conditions must be met to apply for this position.

  • Have a degree in a relevant field
  • Have a valid surveyor certificate
  • Able to solve problems
  • Good communication skills, both orally and in writing
  • Able to work in a team
  • Have a good time management
  • Menguasai komputer (Ms. office)

Final Words

That’s what you need to know about surveyors. Because surveyor is a job that requires you to work mobile, so make sure you have good stamina.

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