What Is Product Marketing? Here is the Meaning, Pillars and Tasks

Product marketing is the key to success between product development, sales, and customer relations. The role of product marketing is still related to marketing so that most of its tasks are to help increase sales.

If you want to become a product marketing, you can learn about things related to marketing strategies. Conducting research on user needs for a product or service is also very necessary.

Well, to better understand what product marketing is, tasks, to benchmark the success of this role, you can listen to the following article. We will explain in full how you can succeed in pursuing a career in the world of Product Marketing.

What Is Product Marketing?

A company when it will make a product in the form of goods or services is definitely doing research so that the product can be useful for the target market. Once the product is there, it will be marketed.

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Well, the process of marketing products to buyers involves product marketing. In addition, it can also be interpreted that product marketing is someone who determines market position for analysis of product marketing strategies.

Product Marketing Tasks

What Is Product Marketing
What Is Product Marketing

Before starting a career as product marketing, it’s a good idea to first understand what the tasks are, namely among them:

  • Support the marketing manager’s role in the process of overseeing the operations of a department.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the marketing strategy of a newly created product or even a long time ago to be re-developed with product development.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing activities along with other roles, such as digital marketing to conventional marketing divisions.
  • Organizing a marketing activity to increase brand awareness of a product to increase sales.
  • Coordinate with the sales and digital marketing team to create a marketing campaign for a product.
  • Work closely with managers in preparing marketing budgets to release and monitor costs so that over budgeting does not occur.
  • Conduct market research to identify opportunities for sales growth and appropriate promotions.

Basic Concept Of Product Marketing

To be able to carry out product marketing tasks, you must really understand how good marketing is so that promotions can succeed. To understand the marketing strategy, you can learn the following basic concepts of product marketing.

  1. Production

A product marketing officer must really understand what the value and purpose of the product is created. That way, the company can target consumers appropriately so that sales will be maximized.

Production research will be very useful. The research will include market prices, the quality of products produced by competitors, the needs of products needed by consumers, to market conditions to see how promotions will be run.

  1. Products

In addition to thinking about how the production flow, you also have to really think about the quality of the product. Because, as good as any promotional strategy is, if the product is not quality, you will not get loyal consumers.

  1. Sales

Ultimately, promotional strategies are carried out with the aim of increasing sales. Promotional strategies usually include providing bonuses or gifts when consumers purchase products. There are even those who give samples so that consumers can try first the products sold.

  1. Marketing

When sales are smooth with high value, the marketing process is successful. However, marketing does not stop when sales are of high value, but rather continues as long as the company is still running.

Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy
Product Marketing Strategy

In doing product promotion, a product marketing has a variety of strategies. Here are 7 product marketing strategies you can use:

  • Paid advertising
  • Social media promotion
  • SEO product marketing
  • Building customer testimonials
  • Product telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Referral selling

Relax, you don’t have to do all the above tasks alone! In order for marketing goals to be achieved faster, you can work with other roles such as digital marketing, social media specialist, and the like.

Product Marketing Pillars

Pilar Product Marketing
Pilar Product Marketing

The foundation in conducting a product marketing strategy must always be held so that the promotion runs smoothly. Learn more about the 4 pillars of product marketing are as follows:

  1. Market Research

Market research is the main pillar in the task of product marketing. The results of the research will determine many things, ranging from the type of product made to the target consumer.

  1. Determining The Criteria For Consumer Needs

As already explained, determining consumers must be done with in-depth research. By knowing the consumers who will be targeted, you can market the product easily.

  1. Identifying The Product Persona

Product persona is applied by dividing the characteristics of the product based on the intended consumer. It can also be referred to as a unique selling point (USP) so that it distinguishes our products from competitors.

Some things that must be taken into account to implement this pillar are the following.

  • Clear message of a product
  • How to deliver the appropriate message
  • Marketing media compatibility
  1. Product and market linkage analysis

Marketing a product is not only aimed at consumers, but also whether the marketing path is appropriate. When you market a product in the form of good food without caring about the nutritional content in a vegetarian community, your food will certainly not sell.

The analysis carried out at the beginning must include the sales space, whether it is appropriate or not. Thus, the relationship between the product and the market is interrelated.

Benchmark The Success Of Product Marketing

Every role in a company must have success in his desk job. Here are 3 things that become a benchmark or benchmark for the success of a marketing product.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

When consumers feel satisfied after buying goods or using a service, product marketing includes success in carrying out its duties. Therefore, product marketing is also one of the key figures in the creation of a product.

This satisfaction of course depends on the quality of the product.

  1. Consumer Loyalty

When the product is of quality and the consumer is satisfied with the product, the likelihood of the consumer transacting the same product will be high. This is why a marketing product also usually collects consumer data so that it knows where new and Old consumers are. This is called the retention curve.

Retention curve can be known in the following ways:

(Number of customers who use the product repeatedly) / total number of customers X 100%

  1. Revenue Growth

If the two previous product marketing benchmarks are successful, the main goal will certainly be achieved, namely the company’s increased revenue.

The difference between Product Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Product marketing and digital marketing do have some intersecting roles, such as doing marketing promotions. However, the two have fundamental and important role differences.

Product marketing is more to the process of marketing products by previously analyzing products and markets. Such analysis is used not only for promotional activities, but how to create products that consumers and markets need.

Meanwhile, digital marketing tasks usually begin after product marketing analysis.

The focus of product marketing is the intrinsic side of the product and how consumers perceive the product. Meanwhile, digital marketing is more focused on how the product is spread as widely as possible to as many potential consumers.

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